ROCE- improvement strategy- development

Fields of the Project

Project's description
Development of Strategy of ROCE improvement from 2% to 10% in 4 years
Turnover above 150 m Euro. FMCG industry
Location, language
Poland. Polish language
Consultant & Interim manager of the Strategic process
Lenght of the Project
7 months


Business plan Business plan Team

The process of Strategy developmend established. Business plan of the the Startegy developed. Business plan team formed and Leader nominated.

Firm's repositioning

Blue Ocean Strategy applied as methodology of the development process of repositioning. Several concepts of new products based on value innovation developed.

Brands architecture

Architecture of brands for sale of new products as well existing products developed in order to support gradual firm's repositioning.

Operational restructuring

A program of operational restructuring developed. Relocation of fixed assets planned basing on DCF and engineering plan.


Managerial architecture developed. Managerial processes leading to delivery of ROCE - oriented strategy.

Financial modelling and Managerial reporting

Financial model of ROCE business plan developed. Managerial reporting based on the model developed. MBO system developed for allocation of objectives based on financial modelling.