Fixed assets restructuring stands for Value improvement that follows the principle of "more with less"

Projects of the Restructuring cover:
Diagnosis - Demand extent and its structure in time
Design - Production model that answers the Demand.
Restructuring plan - The plan models the way to production Model
Implementation - The delivery of the Model

Development and implementation phases of the Restructuring program

Audit of the restructuring area. Pre- Diagnosis phase

This audit contributes to information base as regards the formulation of the problem to be solved. It lasts approximately 2-3 days.

Diagnosis. Preparation to the Project of restructuring

Diagnosis covers the following elements:
  • Demand scale, structure and its dynamics.
  • Production model to balance the Supply and the Demand.
  • Size and architecture of current fixed assets.
  • Gaps between the current assets architecture and the desired Model.
  • Plan and calendar of the development of Restructuring project.

Restructuring project

Elements of the Project:
  • Program of increasing efficiency of existing assets. Please see Operational efficiency.
  • Relocation of the technology
  • Capital investments
  • Know how transfer, relocation of employees
  • Changes in employment
  • Calendar and the resources