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I am an Interim manager

about.jpgI ROCE your Company BMI

I have 35 years experience in Business management as well as in economical reinventing of the Companies.


My experience covers a variety of industries, countries, cultures.
I deliver my Projects in Polish, English and Russian languages.
I have a wide spectrum of skills from strategic to operational ones.

Firma Kraj Branża Projekt
IMG_5184.PNG Poland    CEO SKF Polska S. A.
 Akrikhin.png  Russia Pharma Interim VPO
 JTZ.png  Poland Confectionary Interim manager. Several projects
 provimismall.png  Polska B2B Animal feed  Interim VPO Operations
 herbapol.png  Poland Pharma, Soft drinks, infusion teas, herbs, B2B agro raw materials  CEO
 polfa_lublin.png  Poland Medical devices, infusion liquids Project director
 Spectra Services  Poland Investments  Director
 numico.png  Russia Baby nutrition, Clinical nutrition CEO
 nutricia.png  Poland, Czech, Hungary, Russia  Baby Nutrition  VPO
Wedel.png Poland Confectionary Project manager TQM
pepsico.png Poland, GB Salty snacks Production Manager
hortex.png  Poland Deepfrozen fruits & vegetables, Soft drinks, long term storaging  Production manager


IMG_5181.PNG SBS Swiss Business School

Doctor of Business Administration
Regis University, Denver. USA

Master of Business Administration
Univeristy of Central Lancashire, Preston. Wielka Brytania

HR management. Training program
Univeristy of food industry, Moscow. Russia

MSc Mechanical Engineer