Interim Management is the temporal management of an organization (General
Management, or management in some specialized area), which is carried out by an
Interim Manager.

An Interim Manager is a highly professional effective specialist with a back tracked success story of management experience on the top levels of management hierarchy.

An Interim manager is ready to take temporary contracts lasting for the time of the project

Adapted by BMPS Consulting from website of Association of Interim Managers
 I collected my observations based on Interim projects I have completed, my discussions with colleagues performing the job of Interim management, as well as my experiences of managing and restructuring companies of 50 - 100 m Euro turnover. The picture below serves as my visual answer to this question as I see it.

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By BMPS Consulting. Source: Own experience and a book of Leadersip theory and practice. Peter G. Northouse

 There are some typical situations when a Firm needs to deploy high concetration of management experience and skills. Usually this experience is needed for a relatively short time (4-8 months). High concentration of management experience for a relatively short time is needed also to get guarantee that the risks of a Project which plays critical role in the Firm's growth will be handled successfully. These are the situations:

(This list could be found at webiste of Association of Interim managers )

  • Restructuring of the organization;
  • New opportunities of of the Firm's growth. Fast diagnose. Dilligent planning. Creative and rigorous implementation of the opportunity.
  • Crisis situations;
  • Preparation for the structural change of the ownership;
  • Building and implementing new organizational structure. Integration of the companies.
  • Providing temporary support for a development of specific manager, knowledge and experience share;
  • Need for building a professional team; Installing teamwork;
  • Need for a substitution during the absence of a manager;
  • Expansion on new markets.