M&A and Company Growth strategy in Poland

Fields of the Project

Project's description
Development and delivery of Economical reinveting of the Firm
Turnover above 50 m Euro. FMCG & Pharma industries. Group of 4 Firms.
Location, language
Poland. Polish and english languages
Lenght of the Project
33 months



ROCE had been inceasing from 5% to the level of 10% in line with the delivery of the Restructuring program.
Program covered restructuring of: Fixed assets, Balance sheet, employment, Products' portfolio


Post- Merger development and delivery of the Integration program for 4 Firms of the group.

Firm's porfolio repositioning New products

Blue Ocean Strategy was applied to each of the three types of the Firm's products. This resulted in products' portfolio repositioning for each of the three types of products.
New products launching to the market resulted in new products' turnover share of approximately 20&

Sales Strategy for current products' portfolio

Brands architecture development and delivery. Strategy of Product, Channel, Price development and delivery.

Alignment the Firm's Strategy and Departments' Goals

Managerial process of cascading the Firm's Strategy to Departments' Goals implemented. Applied every year at annual budgeting process time.

Alignment. Mentality shift My system of "3 x T" Team Track & Try

Repositioning of directive organizational model into Teamwork, Delegation and Continuous improvement

MBO motivational system

Development and implementation of Management by Objectives motivational system.

Sales and Marketing teams cooperation system

Sales force uses its "force" when a Firm applies combined force of cooperating departments of Sales and marketing. Secondly such force is launched by a Firm to hit precisely spotted root cause of the problem in sales of a Firm's portfolio.

Governance & managerial architecture

Development and Delivery of management processes leading to the Firm repositioning. Development and implementation of organizational structure supporting the Firm repositioning.

Operational efficiency system OEE

Development and implementation of OEE operational efficiency system. Significant efficiency improvement contributed to the growth of ROCE.

Quality management system GMP

Development and implementation of quality management system. Good Manufacturing Practices implementation across all firms of the Firm's group of four companies.

Fixed assets restructuring

Closing two factories. Technology relocation to the remaining factories. Decrease in employment.

Crisis management system

Development and implementation of Crisis management system applicable for Pharma as well as FMCG business of the Firm.