Annual budgeting program

Fields of the Project

Project's description
Development of annual budget and its implementation plan
Turnover above 170 m Euro. FMCG Industry
Location, language
Poland. Polish language
Consultant/ Interim manager of Budget Team
Lenght of the Project
3 months


Model of Budgeting Budget team

Model of annual budgeting process developed. Budget team formed. Annual budget developed together with its implementation plan in line with market activities of the Firm.

Coordination & Synchronization among functions

Quarterly and monthly activities of Budget team members planned in the budget year.
Activities coordinated among functional teams.
Activities synchronized with a calendar of market activities

New Product Development Process

Formal managerial Process of New Products Develpment implemented. New products development Team formed.

Financial modelling Managerial reporting

Financial model developed for the budgeting process. Model built into MRP system for the purpose of budget performance reporting.