I ROCE your Company BMI

I have 35 years experience in Business management
as well as in economical reinventing of the Companies.

My methodology

Four proven rules

Company is an organism of interconnected processes.

Four Value fields form an integral organism of a Firm
Disturbance in any of the Fields reduces health of the whole organism.
Any single project in one of the fields is tied to all Fields.

Effectiveness and sustainability in Value improvement

Improving Value is about focusing in parallel on:
Root causes not symptoms
Process change and mentality change in paralell 

Alignment. 3 x T

My methodology of 3 x T gears the Cooperation of a whole organisation towards the Common goal by acting the Common way:

Team - allows Cooperation
Track - links Team goal with a Firm's strategy
Try - allows prioritizing root causes to remove them one after another

ROCE mentality

Any single Value improvement Project is
measured by ROCE
About me

Interim Management

Interim Management is the temporary fulfillment of executive or managerial function within an organization (general management or management in a specialized area) that is carried out by an interim manager.

An interim manager is a highly qualified specialist with a proven track record of achievement on the top levels of management hierarchy. A manager who is hired on a contract basis until the completion of an interim assignment. Backed by their know-how and vast experience, interim executive specialists are able to identify problems and implement solutions, as well as introduce new trends to the organization. On the basis of a throughout analysis an interim manager develops an action plan and is responsible for its implementation.