Complete Offer. Here you can download the Complete Offer of the solutions to your Firm's needs of problems that you have spotted. Four Value fields, examples of Projects already implemented which can mirror the need of your Firm the closest possble way. Download
Terms of Reference (ToR). This document, once mutually filled will help you and me to agree upon the nature of your Firm's need or a problem. Knowing this I will be able to propose which of the Solutions from the Complete Offer will help. Each Firm is different and has its special needs. That is why this document will aIso build a platform of understanding how I can adapt the Solution to the situation of your Firm. At the end Terms of Reference will help us to agree upon the Project design: Project team, Project phases & deliverables, calendar, budget and resources other than the Team. This document will alsobe a platform of writting Contract of the project Download
From the Offer to the Solution. Steps that I have proposed are intended to lead us together to the fastest and a structured way to the implementation of the Solution of Value increase. Download