Association of Interim Managers

Member of the Association

Mission of the Association
The aim of SIM is to actively work for building, promoting and developing the idea of Interim Management. SIM has been founded in order to gather Interim Managers, enable information inflow and support all those, both individuals and companies interested in learning more about Interim Management and benefits that come with it.

House of Skills

Cooperation with Piotr Gryko as regards Blue Ocean Strategy

Mission of House of Skills
"Our offer is designed to provide efficient solutions to all key management challenges."


Cooperation with Tomasz Król as regards Lean Manufacturing

Mission of Verbis
"Building sustainable relations with our customers based on trust. We believe in this as the only way possible to reach our customer's goals. Our satisfaction is the satisfaction of our customers."

Management Centre Europe

Senior Associate of MCE

Mission of MCE
We enable you to deliver on your strategy

Polish National Sales Award

Judge of 2010 edition in 2011

Mission of PNSA
We act for th ebenefit of development of the Companies by supporting their Sales forces which are engines of the economy development, and by creating professional image of the salesman.