M&A. Post acquisition Integration program

Fields of the Project

Project's description
Development of the post acquisition Integration plan of the two Firms Turnover above 150 m Euro. Confectionary industry
Turnover above 150 m Euro. Confectionary industry
Location, language
Poland. Polish language
Interim manager of the Integration program's Team
Lenght of the Project
Four months


Scope of the M&A process in general

M&A covers the following three clearly divided phases: Due Dilligence, Development of the Integration program, and the Implementation of the Integration program.
The borders among the three phases of the M&A process could be drawn without any problem. Nevertheless, the design of the preceeding phase should be steered by the next phase design

Scope of the Project

The scope of the Project covers the development of the Integration program.
The Acquirer had already the Due Dilligence performed before the start of the Integration Project.
Thus, the aim of the Project was to develop the Integration progarm based on the Due Dilligence findings.

Synergies of the strategic, operational and the economical character

The work of the integration team was divided among the action streams in order to develop the set of synergies.
The financial model was developed to quantify the potential of each Synergy.
The job schedule of the Integration team was developed and delivered in time.
The Integration program had several iterations. The final Value of the Integration and the Value of the investment were coherent.

Integration team, Leadership and Motivation

The job of the Integration team was structured to the work streams of the future Implementation phase.
System for the management in the future Implementation phase was developed.
The final Organizational design was developed.

Plan of the implementation management

The planned synergies were the objectives of the set of the Integration projects.
The Leaders of the Integration projects were nominated.
The implementation System for the management was reinforced by the Management by Objectives.
The set of balanced KPIs was developed to allocate the Objectives to Leaders of the Implementation Projects, and to track the delivery of the Value at the Implementation phase.

Communication plan

Map of the Stakeholders as well as the Communication plan were developed.
The roles regarding Communication plan were allocated to the Leaders of the Implementation projects.

Risks plan

Each of the Integration projects was armed by the Map of the Risks, as well as Risk management plan.
Risks were quantified to value their potential influence on the planned Value of the Integration.