Change management

Change management stands for Value improvement that originates from Organizational Alignment

Organizational alignment projects link the three fields together


- setting Cooperation by Teamwork


- setting Common goals by alignment with Strategy


- setting Common way by Continuous improvement & Managerial systems

Organizational large scale transformation program. Increasing of economical efficiency of the Firm, thanks to building the link between the Operational Strategy and the Organizational strategy.

The lenght of the Program is 6-8 to 12 months. The program aim is to establish the link between Operational goals and the implementation of the adequate Organizational practices that are to support achieving Operational strategy.
Managers at all levels of the Firm are changing their mindsets and attitudes towards Operational strategy, and they develop Organizational strategy.

The economical efficiency of the Firm increases, as measured by ROCE.

This way, the Organizational gap may be closed- which is the barrier that negatively influences the implementation of the Operational strategy. The Process of eliminating the deficit in the desired Organizational practices is tailor-made designed and deployed. The Process leads to the increase of the level of Organizational competencies.

Alignment management system "3 x T" of Team, Track & Try Development and implementation

Program lasts approximately 6/ 8- 12 months and covers deploying a pair of management systems:
Alignment management system "3 x T"
The other management system chosen in the field of the Growth, Efficiency or Restructuring.
Role: Interim management of a chosen Management system improvement program and Alignment program "3 x T" in parallel. Leader of Project Team

Value improvement of operational character- Growth, Quality, Production etc.
Alignment and mentality shift of the Project Team. Embedding mentality of MBO *)

*) Note:Embedding mentality of Management by Objectives MBO is covered by this offer if the MBO is already installed at the Firm's as a formal management system as well as a practice. Othervise if MBO does not exist, or it exists but needs adaptation, MBO and allocation of personal Objectives of the Project team must be a subject of the separated offering. Please check the Offer of Management by Objectives System MBO in this Change management Value field.

MBO- Management by Objectives System. Development and implementation.

Several weeks program . One two- day session per week.
Development of a system of integration and alignment between a Firm budget and personal Objectives of a Firm's managers.
Development of the Process of Objectives' allocation to Managers.

Taking role of a chosen operational Value improvement project and the Project team leader. Implementing the project by the support of the developed MBO system. Deployment of the "3 x T" system in parallel.
Six - eight months program
Improvement in Value improvement process. MBO mentality embedded in the culture of the Project team.

Aligning Objectives of a Firm's managers with the Strategy of a Firm. Cascading budget Objectives to the Objectives of the Departments' managers. Development and implementation.

Lenght of the program.
It includes several days of preparation, followed by one two-day workshop for the key 20+ managers of a Firm. After the workshop there are few sessions at the Departments' level of a Firm.

A set of annual personal objectives ready to be allocated to the individual managers by the means of Management by Objectives MBO system. Each objective contributes to the delivery of a Firm's budget and strategy.

Development and implementation of Sales and Marketing cooperation system.

Lenght of the program. Six months of two two-day sessions per month.

Sales team gets armed with targeted and joint program of actions on the market.

1. Joint Sales and marketing force gets increase of market share potentials identified.
2. A force targets the root causes of market share potential improvement.
3. Sales and Marketing teams starts cooperating.

Development of a procedure of Crisis management.

Important for any Firm, but especially important for a Firm operating in regulated industries.

Lenght of a project is several weeks with a session every week.

Usually there is a lag between the actual cause of the crisis at the market and the moment information about the Crisis reaches a Firm's management. The image at the right illustrates how much time management may loose before starting its reaction to the Crisis because of this natural delay. The Crisis management procedure helps management responding structural way to the Crisis. The process of this reaction may be mirrorred in the job descriptions of the relevant managers of a Firm.