Company growth

Growth stands for driving Value improvement into the three directions

Repositioning of the Firm

Buyer Value innovation, reconstructing boundaries of the Firm's market

Organic growth

Strategy development in the frames of the current positioning of the Firm.


Step- change in Firm's growth.

Repositioning. Development of the Blue Ocean Strategy for the Firm:

Four two-day Strategic workshops and four several- day planning sessions.
Lenght of the Program is approximately 4-6 months.

A Firm gets a strategic level input to the program of repositioning- reconstructing the boundaries of its current market.
A firm gets a conceptual level input of several products/ services to the New products development process.

Effect of alignment and mentality shift.
Blue Ocean team is formed of above 20 managers of the Firm. Team follows the principles of personal involvement into strategy creation, teamwork and participation in strategic decisions. This process influences a shift from behaviors characteristic for directive culture to the Teamwork and participative culture.

Repositiong - development and implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy for the Firm

Role. Taking the role of CEO of the Firm.
Lenght of the program is approximately three years.

Phases of the program:

Development phase
Diagnosis of strategic foundations of the Firm's growth.
Development of long term Blue Ocean Strategy repositioning.
Market research.
Development of three years short term strategy in the boundaries of the repositioning.
Plan of new products development process.
Program of products launches to the market.

Implementation phase
Implementation of the new products development process. Launching the new products to the market.
Balancing the activities and investments between current portfolio and repositiong portfolio.
Alignment and Cultural shift by 3 x T program - Team, Track and Try.
Note: launching new products to the market is subject of positive results of Development phase as well as Market research phase.

Development of the Strategy in the boundaries of a given positioning of a Firm.

Role. Interim manager of Strategyevelopment process and a leader of strategy development Team.

Program lasts approximately six months depending on available market information, size of the Firm, industry information.

Strategic team forming.
Diagnosis of strategic foundations of the Firm's growth. Inventory. Draft plan.
Market research. Collecting of the data already available.
Running the process of strategy development.

Development and implementation of three years strategy in the boundaries of a given positioning of a Firm.

M&A. Development and implementation of Operational due diligence

Length of the Program is approximately six months.

Role: Interim manager of Due diligence process and a leader of Due dilligence team.

Phases of the program:

Due dilligence team forming
Process of Due diligence planning

Implementation of the Due diligence.
Business plan writing of post merger integration

M&A. Implementation of post merger integration program

Role: Interim integration manager, or CEO of acquired Firm
Development and implementation of integration program

Operational Due Dilligence.
Integration of its results with the conlusions of Legal and financial Due diligence programs.
Development of Integration business plan
Implementation of Business plan
Application of " 3 x T" program